“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

– Scott Belsky, the founder and CEO of Behance and the author of Making Ideas Happen.

Because most ideas never happen. I just watched Scott Belsky’s Tedx talk (see below) and would recommend it.

A few notes:

He talks about the project plateau – where the energy and excitement is high at the beginning; but as time passes, the energy and excitement dwindles. To return to the high, we come up with another idea. And this process repeats, which he calls the idea to idea syndrome.

One of the main pitfalls is a lack of accountability, where you keep an idea to yourself until you’re ready to share it. Another obstacle is a lack of organisation.

People who consistently make ideas happen live and work with a bias to action. They look for things that start with verbs, and capture and execute things consistently throughout the day.