Weekend Shares 8: Seattle Eats

We spent a few days in Seattle before Christmas and managed to eat out a few times. Travelling with a 14 month old is not easy (with meals, preparation is key). We were based in the Capital Hill area, which had lots of cafes and restaurants within walking distance. I would go back to all of these places.

Queen Bee Cafe – Really good coffee, crumpets (the lemon curd was delicious) and crumpwiches. Plus all profits go to charities.

Pike Place Chowder – Stopped at the the original chowder house at Pike Place Market and ordered the sampler; my favourites were the New England clam chowder and smoked salmon chowder.

Rachels’ Ginger Beer – Next door to Pike Place Chowder. They have so many flavours of ginger beer, I got the pink guava.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room – Definitely worth visiting here if you like coffee; beautiful interior and I picked up some coffee that were roasted just the day before!

Trove – We had Korean BBQ, I would’ve liked to try their noodles too but it’s a separate area in the restaurant. For dessert, I ordered the Gingerbread Man parfait which had dark chocolate frozen custard, stout caramel and gingerbread cookies. I got to keep the cute jar it came in too!

Monsoon – Really good vietnamese food, my favourite dishes were the imperial rolls and claypot catfish.

The Wandering Goose – I had a really indulgent meal at this cute cafe, a biscuit sandwich filled with fried chicken, gravy and cheese. Their cakes looked really good too.

Hello Robin – Yummy homemade cookies, the habanero chocolate one has a real kick. Next time I’ll have to try an ice cream sandwich.

Weekend Shares 7: Goals and Inspirations

Happy new year! I can’t believe it’s already 2016. I don’t want to make a long list of new year’s resolutions that I won’t follow through on; instead I’ll just focus on two.

Capture more
One Second Every Day – I backed this app on Kickstarter years ago, but never got into the habit of recording a one second video everyday. I just came across this Ted talk again and have decided to commit to doing this everyday for the next year, and possibly the rest of my life. As time passes by, days tend to blur into each other. Hopefully this will help me to capture moments I don’t want to forget by keeping a visual diary of my life.

Keep creating
This year I want to create more, faster. Make more time for my passions, things that truly matter, and things that will move me towards my dreams. Baby steps are ok, as long as I’m making progress. A few inspirational links that I like:

The Holstee Manifesto – Life is short. Do what you love and do it often. This short video has a great message.

The Crossroads of Should and Must – I love this, and I want to do one small thing to honour my personal truth everyday. This is a fantastic essay by Elle Luna, for anyone who is thinking of making the jump from Should to Must. Should is what we’re supposed to think, say or do. Must is who we are and what we believe; it is our calling.

Weekend Shares 6: Whistler Edition

I took a short trip to Whistler last week to do some skiing. I’m currently in Vancouver visiting family so it was just a couple of hours drive up. We had a lot of fun especially since we got to meet up with some London friends who were also there!

Whistler Blackcomb – We spent one day on Whistler and one day on Blackcomb, both had a good number of blue runs with lots of fresh powder.  You can save quite a bit of money buying lift passes in advance (even though we didn’t doh!) or if you get an Edge card (for BC and WA residents).

Delta Whistler Village Suites – We stayed in a one bedroom suite; loved the fireplace and outdoor hot tubs. The full-sized kitchen was useful but we had problems with the stove/oven. You can rent equipment from within the same building and it’s about a 7 minute walk to the lifts.

Whistler Grocery Store – Right in the village, not cheap but so very convenient. We picked up food for breakfast here.

Splitz Grill – Choose your own burger and toppings,very tasty and very filling. I had the legendary splitz burger.

21 Steps Kitchen & Bar – Great atmosphere and food. We forewent starters to save room for dessert, the peanut butter pie was scrumptious!


Weekend Shares 5

This week’s interesting links:

Startup Fuel
The 99% (of startups) – when you need a bit of motivation

Ignorance Beats Empathy – a veil of ignorance just might cause you to design things just a little bit differently

What I’m Reading
After a mass shooting: A survivor’s life – heart-wrenching and powerful story of what life is like as a survivor

Startup Fuel
“We learn from each other” – I dug up this awesome response, for when someone else launches a product very similar to one you’re currently building

Design Inspiration
Because Recollection – this was really cool, a music interactive experience created by Because Music for its 10th birthday

Weekend Shares 4: Pitch Deck Resources

I went to a pitch workshop earlier this week to help me with Gather, and boy did my deck and presentation skills need work. But it’s also given me some good ideas and made me think about presenting the problem from a different angle.

Here are 5 useful Pitch Deck Resources that I have gathered so far:

  • StartUp Podcast: How Not to Pitch a Billionaire – One of my favourite episodes of the StartUp podcast by Alex Blumberg, where he goes and pitches to Chris Sacca. I love when Chris Sacca pitches Alex’s idea back to him, it’s just so good. Important takeaways: project conviction, instill FOMO, and figure out your unfair advantage.


Weekend Shares 3

This week’s interesting links:

The $300 Million Button – “I’m not here to enter into a relationship. I just want to buy something.” This happens to me ALL the time.

Illustration & Animation
Jonathan Dahl – I really like his animated GIFs especially this and this

Every Time Zone – No more time zone math

Founder Stories
Nobody Wants Your App – “The overall result was that pretty much no one wanted an app. And absolutely no one wanted a new social media app.”

Products I Like
BaseLift for MacBook – Looks great, have just ordered one