Zermatt Ski Trip


Zermatt has always been on my list of ski holiday destinations to visit. Just a week ago, I was happily carving down the slopes and looking back I think it may have been the best skiing I’ve ever done in my life!

My fiancé and I were discussing where to go for our end of the season ski trip. April was a bit late (and warm) so it made sense to go to an area that was at a higher altitude, and Zermatt fit the bill. Switzerland is expensive but we used our Avios points which meant we only had to pay £30 for a return flight to Zurich. Plus we got to fly from Heathrow, our preferred London airport. We booked a few things online that also saved us money, such as the Swiss Transfer Ticket and our ski equipment rentals.

Getting to Zermatt couldn’t have been easier. Landing at Zurich Airport, we boarded on a train heading south. The journey was about 3.5 hours and it was so much more comfortable than taking a coach.

zermatt2 zermatt3

Zermatt is a charming ski village, with wooden chalets everywhere. I loved that pedestrians could walk everywhere, even on the road and you would even see people biking with their skis.

Normal cars aren’t permitted, so you see lots of little, narrow electrical cars running everywhere. They all looked similar – taxis, hotel shuttles, even police cars! I had never seen anything like it before and left wishing that more cities or towns even adopted the same green scheme. We took the taxi once and it was quite pricey for the short journey, but it was later explained to us that the cars were all handmade and cost in the region of 120k swiss francs.

zermatt4 zermatt5

The place that we booked was called Artist Apartments, which was a short walk from the train station and city centre but at the top of a steep hill. I grew to dread that hill especially when I was heading back with ski boots on, but the apartment was really worth the extra effort. Every room was dedicated to an “artist” and ours was Paul Gauguin. We could see the Matterhorn from our room (view shown in above photo).

The apartment had a little kitchenette which meant we could make our own breakfast and dinners. We made prosciutto and gruyere cheese scrambled eggs everyday.

zermatt6 zermatt7 zermatt8

The weather was really variable while we were there. We had beautiful sunshine and clear skies one day and incredibly foggy conditions the next day. Sometimes we would literally have to ski through clouds, something I’ve never done before!

The high mountain scenery is breathtaking and really hard to beat. The powder was fantastic at higher altitudes, but towards the bottom of the mountain, it would get quite slushy especially in the afternoon. As an intermediate skier, I thought majority of the pistes were perfect for me. I even went off-piste which is a first for me, gliding across untouched snow – amazing! There was also a ski/snowboard park which had jumps and a halfpipe which was a lot of fun, and open to people at all levels.

Overall, Zermatt was fantastic and I would definitely go back. The only main drawback would be that it’s not cheap, but if you are an avid skier than it just might be one of those places you have to try once in your life.