Weekend Shares 13

Happy Easter!

Heroine – New podcast launching on April 19 which focuses on women creative leaders and risk-takers, and their origins, creativity, and leadership. Looking forward to the first episode!

Lingo App – “Lingo is the best way to organize, share and use all your visual assets in one place – all on your desktop.” I’ve been playing around with this and it seems pretty cool so far.

Product Design
Managing Style Guides at Shyp – Interesting idea using Github for design collaboration. “Designers should be empowered to recognize flaws in a style guide and propose changes to them.”

Startup Fuel
Survive, Compete, Aspire – First, survive. Then, you get to compete and aspire.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Letter to Fear – This is from her book Big Magic. “Whenever the creative process begins, expect that fear will come along with you on the journey. That’s perfectly normal, and totally fine. Just don’t let it drive, ok?”